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I'm Greg Antipoff, a certified public accountant (CPA) and a real estate tax strategist.

I am known as The Real Estate Accountant, for my dedication to helping real estate agents keep more of what they earn. This is achieved by walking agents through my signature “Financial EKG: Earn, Keep, Grow” framework.

With so much emphasis already being placed on how agents can “Earn” more, I choose to focus on helping agents “Keep” and “Grow” what they earn.

My knack for making tax and accounting topics easy to understand and humorous leaves agents educated, entertained and ready to take action.

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When you work with The Real Estate Accountant, you'll have...

A Tax Plan

Proactively creating a tax plan will allow you to take advantage of all tax savings opportunities.

More Money For Fun

With your tax savings, you'll be able to travel more, give more, invest more or spoil those kids more.

The Ability to Relax

Relaxing knowing that you now have a financial quarterback on your team!

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